Monday, April 27, 2009

my bad =(

to all readers,
sorry that my previous posts are a bit controversial and containing nasty words..
my bad..
sorry to all that feel offended by my posts..
sometimes people are just out of control..i couldn't control my emotions at the moment..
sape boleh tahan kalo kawan baik kite sendiri kene fitnah atas bende yg dier x buat,
xda ribut xda taufan tetibe je fitnah org lain..xpaham betul..
kesian sgt ngan kawan saye tue..nangis x henti2..
hmm..i promise that my next post won't contain any bad words..sorry again..
to some people who don't know anything about the 'issue'
my advice to all is do not interfere lah..don't make it bigger..what is done is done..
let it goo..pleasee..
i admit that my language is a bit harsh and rude..maybe because i was bred in Melaka kan kasar bahasa nyer..hehe..
sorry again everybody for the bad words that i used inside my blog
sesiapa yg terasa ngan post saye..i'm sorry..i lost my sanity at the moment..



Mr Daha said...

Dont feel bad.. its ur blog n u can write anything u want. :)

Anonymous said...

sume org buat silap tina..
jgn risau, everytime kite buat silap,
kita belajar dr kesilapan kite..
*jg utk diri farah sendiri

QisTina said...

thanks guys for supporting me..
rase terharu..huhu..

adalicious said...

xde org yg sempurna tina.
bhs kedah pn kasaq jgk. hurm...

senyum senyum!

QisTina said...

ye senyum la nie..=)

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