Thursday, April 30, 2009

hello weekenders!

     Yeay!! it's finally weekend..wanna rest as much as i can.. wanna sit in front of my lappy and watch movies and mind my own business. i love weekends. it's the days where i can relax and having my own good time.. haven't study anything at all for the past few days. not in the mood huhu.. i wanna study but so many things disrupted me from doing so. but tonite for sure i won't study at all..gonna watch movies as much as i can.. *scanning at my laundry basket now* omg!! the clothes are piling up like twin tower huhu anak dara ape nie.. hmm..i will do my laundry later tonite.. aiyoohh..why am i so lazy?? hey lazy butt get your ass off from the chair!! angel speaking, " have to buck up!! procrastination is not good" ok ok angel..i will study and do my laundry but later ar heheh..


Mr Daha said...

G basuh baju sane! :P
Xpe2.. mesin xfull punyer. Ramai dak balik.. xyah beratur pn xpe kot. :)

QisTina said...

nanti lah..
tgh malas nie..

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