Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Monday!!

hey hey people..

the wireless is available now..
so i shall update my blog..
hmmm..i've been thinking these few days..
about my financial condition..
i'm not sure whether my saving is enough for the next couple of months..huhu..kepala pusing
by now..i have to cut down on my expense..
and i shouldn't go out often..
my saving is decreasing..and so worrying me.. more thing..
i wanna share something in here..
before this i have always seen my friends crying very much over a guy..
i felt sympathy for them..and i consoled them..
but deep inside my tiny heart..i yelled at them..telling them how stupid they were crying because a guy..i can't help it.. it's so stupid..
you don't need to waste your tears just for a guy that you also don't know whether your relationship will last longer or's useless thing to cry over a's pathetic..
i know sometimes in a relationship..there's ups and downs..but you guys don't need to cry lah
i bet..the guys never cried over their why need the tears??
just be happy with your need the crying parts..ok
I hope people who read my post won't be offended with my point of view..
this is what i feel..and i didn't say that i was right and people outta there wrong..
it's just a thought..
ok then..
i need a short nap now..
will be updating soon..

Lots of love,

p/s: the title is nothing to do with the post..hehe..


Mr Daha said...

Ha3.. nice post.. :)
Well, aku pn xpnh la nanges teresak2 untuk gurlz. Sebak2 je. Bkn pe.. Cme xleh nak nanges. So dont blame the guy if they didnt cry for their gf. Its just the nature of a guy that they are not soo emotional.

Plus, girls like to think soo much. They would think about anything soo detail, the consequences, what will happen, what if he dump her, when would be the time to tell this to him and bla3..

Sometimes the guy is just bz n didnt have time to msg or call. But the girl would think his boyfren have affair or tgh menggatal..

My advice: relak ler.. dun worry too much k.. :)

[z@ck] said...

xguna menangis sbb laki..
agree wif u..
mcm la laki 2 hebat sgt..
jgn tnjuk kita lemah k..

adalicious said...

crying is good. but for certain circumstances only. after crying, we'll feel relieved eventhough we didn't solve the prob yet. but to cry over a man, it depends on you. if u think it's a waste, then it's not worth it.

diff. people hv diff. ways of letting go the emotion.

QisTina said...

to mr. daha:
nice comment..mak ai..nape x wat essay terus..hehe..

to zack:
pergh itulah semangat yg kte nak zack.. go zack!!

to ada:
crying is good but too much of crying??

Hafiz Abdul Malek @ HM said...

urm... i'm believe...
kalo pompuan dh fall in love wit someone ... their trust to the love one is more than everything... so when someone betray their belief... so then ak rase disitu mulanye start perasaan depression....

that's my thought

adalicious said...

then too much of crying is no good.
hehehe =P

QisTina said...

to mes:
tue la pompuan,
bile dah obsess sgt dlm percintaan,
sampai memakan diri dan frust menongeng..

to ada:
i agree with u..crying too much is noo good plus totally dumbest thing to do..

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