Sunday, April 26, 2009

she's so lucky..

how could this happen to me??
i have to admit that this year is very unfortunate for me..
i really have a bad year..huhu..
first, i lost my phone,
then, my saving is decreasing day by day..huhu..
and i have to deal with many conflicts, family, friends, money, my own feelings and so on..
now i feel totally guilty..
i feel jealous towards this person..
oh god!! she is so lucky..her father just bought hp for her..and her hp is totally freaking cool and high tech..
huhu..envy her so much..
some people are just so lucky..they don't have to work hard to get what they want in their life..
but for me..
i have to use my own money to get things that i'm dying to have..
life is being unfair to me..
why can't i get what i wish for?? all my life i never received any expensive presents from my parents..i didn't mind because i knew they have lots of responsibilities..
so i just kept quiet all this time..i don't want to trouble them..
haishh..this problem won't come out..if i had lots of money in my pockets..
it's all about money can make you sad and happy..
Ya Allah..murahkanlah rezeki ku..

to that 'person' nyer dpt hp are so lucky to have parents like that..sorry that a wave jealousy washed over me..i couldn't help it!!
have to go now..
need to attend miss haiyon wedding this evening..

with love,
me again..


Att said...

tina thanks tagged..
tp mls nyer nk wat
nnt att try wat ye hehe

[z@ck] said...

kena bersyukur dgn apa yang tina ada ok..

nnt da keja, beli la pe benda yg tina nak..

QisTina said...

tina paham tue zack..
tapi kekadang rezeki tina x murah cam org lain..

HIlmi-deans said...

redha je la.....masing2 punya rezeki lain2.....

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