Monday, April 20, 2009

-trust & backstabbers-

ok..i have several things to say here,
first of all,
i want to say about loyalty and trust..
i just don't understand why this person tends to trust other people that she doesn't close enough and she hardly know them..
why can't she trust her own best friends..friends that have accompanied and followed her for about 2 years..
i just don't get it..humans are unpredictable..
why is it so easy for her to trust other people's mouth rather than her own best friends..
i just don't understand..
these friends that always at her side, shed her tears, take care of her, comfort her, console her,
walk with her, listen to her..
but she have never seen that..she never appreciate sad..
please lah can't you see that we are true friends..all your dirty secret we kept deep inside our heart..can't you see that??
oh god..i think i will cry..huhu..
Ya Allah, You really tested our friendship.. all the backstabbers..please stop whatever shit you are doing..
ruining other people's friendship is no fun ok..

that's all i wanna say..
to all people out there,
buat baik berpada2,
buat jahat jgn sekali..kalo dah buat jahat tue..ngaku je lah..xyah nak tuduh org lain..



[z@ck] said...

nk cr kawan yg baik ramai..
tp yang btol2 setia..
susah bangat dong!

adalicious said...

wow! hot news ni. huhu..
sori tina, aku x dpt agak la sapa ni..blurrr

chris@dotagaki said...

Hv to say... the best and hottest post I read for dis month.

Hafiz Abdul Malek @ HM said...

sabar2 jeaa...

nak buat camne.....

kesenangan yg diminta... dugaan dtg menjengah.... lumrah alam...

bwk berdoa byk2 ...

insyAllah... one day there will be a solution... eventhough it is bitter for you to accept it....

ak support ko ... believe u r at the right side...

gud luck....

chris@dotagaki said...

Don't worry bout it. Sometimes, it's good to let it out of the system.

KyRon said...

da pandai mencarut #$%^ da skang..let's join the is not a bed of roses but a toliet hate it but you need it

Att said...

oh panas2 ni hehe..
sabau je la tina ye..
manusia kn mcm2 ragam nye..

arap2 u stay strong..
i will support u on this..
go the reds..
eh go tina..hehe

Sharz One said...

waaaaa.....garangnye....sabo2 yer...

backstabber = stealth assasin (lolzz)

QisTina said...

to the people who left comment here,
thanks so much for all your support..
i will try to apply what you guys have said..
thanks again for supporting me..

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