Thursday, April 2, 2009

don't make me hate you literature

good morning people!!
how's your day so far??
ok?? or bad day??
as for me,
i think for the coming days,
it will be bad days for me,
our literature assignment is killing us!!
i'm starting to hate literature..huhu..
kinda regret that i chose this subject as CS subject,'s too late to regret now,
the sem is coming to the end now..
i better move on and stop regretting..
literature is killing me dowh..
15 poems and 2 activities for each poem..huhu..die la..(ayat mdm bebe)..
one more thing,
i heard I4P tesolians received letters from their twinning university,
huhu.. mana aci nie..
why Ipsah only received emails from VUW..
ok, for the past few days,
i had rashes on the left side of my neck,
and it's a lot and feel very itchy...
i wanna scratch it so damn!!
i went to clinic already,
and i took the medicine regularly,
and the rashes started to dry and became very ugly to my eyes..huhu..
hope the rashes will disappear very soon,
hate it because it's such an eyesore..
gotta go..
i will update real soon,
wait for me ok..

with lots of love,


Mr Daha said...

dapat email je?? ala.. print la email tu.. jdkan surat. ok pe. he3. :P

QisTina said...

x same ar..
surat lain,
email lain,

TOPMAN said...

kami cinta literature!! kerna ia membuatkan kami tersenyum dikala rakan2 lain tseksa.. kah3.. rilex tina.. kamu akn sentiasa TOP jika siapkan esemen!!

nurul amirah arifin said...

how u know that we already got da offer letter??how bout another institute??

QisTina said...

to mat top: cis..kuang asam jawa ko yek..xpe2..time nie kte org terseksa, next time korang lak menderita..ngeh ngeh..

to miera: tina read from one of your coursemates's blog..other institutes i don't know much..huhu..

nurul amirah arifin said...

oh ya..da chris dotagaki...forgot bout it..sorry..:)

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