Tuesday, April 7, 2009

-Paint Ball Pics-

hi guys..
as i promised you guys in the previous post,
i will post some pics during the paint ball activity,
enjoy the pics!!

us before departed..
us again..notice me and hakeem doing 'poyo' stunt..
the guys..
madam marsilah with the girls..
the 'senapang'..actually there's a name for that thing..but i forgot already..hehe..
the Marshall was briefing us..
us..posing before the battle..
this is where the game took place...
us..i wasn't in the picture..
wan bean dengan gayanya..hehe..

break time with madam marsilah..
view from far..
guys stop!! violence doesn't solve anything..hehe..

paint ball rock!!
overall this activity was totally fun..no kidding..
i also received some souvenirs from the game..
overall, i got 5 bruises on my body..
they are so huge and ugly..huhu..
never mind bout that..
bukan selalu dapat lebam..hehe..
frankly speaking..paint ball is so fun!!
and it is so much fun when we play it with our coursemates..
wish i could play the game again in the future..
have to go now..

with love,


Mr Daha said...

Ha3.. bestnyer maen paintball... :)
Sakit ke kena tembak? lebam teruk x ek???

QisTina said...

lebam bapak best giler..
macam kene love bite..
tapi lagi besar dari love bite..

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